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Delta Health Outpatient Physical Therapy Team

Rated 5 out of 5

A great big shout out to the Delta Health Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy team! You helped me to get my life back after spine surgery – screws, rods, bone graft that was performed at Steadman Clinic in Vail. Not only did you help me learn how to move with confidence and gain strength, you did so in a way that made the hard work fun! Now I’m looking forward to my knee replacement so that I can come back and work with you some more talaga! Thanks so much Manny, the two Kevins, Peter, Kasi and Carly! – Jeff Eichhorn

Jeff Eichhorn

Delta Health ER doctors and emergency department

Rated 5 out of 5

I just want to say thank you to all of the staff that helped take care of my little girl yesterday! From radiology, Er doctors and nurses to everyone involved in her recovery. A very special thank you to the surgical department, Sara and Elizabeth you guys were amazing! Sara helped lighten the mood with her disposition and Elizabeth any nurse who can tear up at the sight of a sick child has all of my respect! Dr. Brighten for “taking your time” and saving my little girl! The anesthesiologist for keeping her comfortable and safe! I can’t express my gratitude enough to all of you!

Jacklyn Stamper

Testimonial about Delta Health emergency room

Rated 5 out of 5

Please accept my sincere appreciation for the outstanding care I received during a recent bout with diverticulitis. The emergency room staff did an exceptional job in identifying the problem and making me as comfortable as possible…warm blankets are great!

During my in-patient care, Dr. Wah provided very comprehensive explanations of my condition, courses of action and a get well plan…very professional demeanor with a great bedside manner.

Nurses Mandi and Jannell were nothing short of brilliant. Although I have had the good fortune of avoiding protracted hospital stays, I have spent many hours with my wife and daughters during their stays at other hospitals. These two ladies are the best that I have ever seen. Thanks also to Juan in food services for helping me off the liquid diet!

Congratulations to the management and staff on a truly well-run hospital.


Hugh McTernan

Hugh McTernan

Delta Health mammogram

Rated 5 out of 5

I am 44 years old and I had my first mammogram last month at your hospital in Delta. I had the new 3D one. The nurse was very nice and it went very well, not at all like I had heard about!

I am writing to you today because Dr. Bernstein found a very small speculated mass in my right breast, and he got me in the next day for a biopsy. It is malignant. I am seeing Dr. Chambers in Denver for this.

When she looked at the mammogram she was very surprised that it was even picked up. It was very hard to see and probably would not have been if not for the 3D mammo and Dr. Bernstein’s trained and careful eye.

Please Please pass on my gratitude for his care. If he had not spotted it I would not have found this for another year or so, also since it was caught this year, my very hefty deductible has been met because of surgery I had a month ago and this will help us financially also. He is an amazing Dr. and cares a great deal for each and every patient, the staff told me this and this was my experience also. My husband and I are very grateful to your hospital, your kind staff and this particular dr.

Please pass on our gratitude to him!!!

Thank you again!!

Joanna Schreiner

Delta Health hospital

Rated 5 out of 5

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 2 nd , I was admitted to your hospital. Through the next two days I was treated to incredible care by each and every nurse, aid and doctor. I was in room 275 and those who took care of me were thoughtful, caring and fun. You should be very proud of your staff. Not only were they competent but it was also apparent they enjoyed each other which makes for a very solid team. Luckily I escaped an operation but I know had that been necessary, it too would have been the best possible experience.

Susan Henderson

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