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Delta Health hospital care

Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you for everything you do! To the Staff, Doctors, Nurses, X-Ray Techs, Kitchen and Everyone that had a hand in my care when I was admitted into the hospital. I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful care I received for two days. Dr. Call was great and he made me feel like he really cared, along with the nursing staff, day and night shifts both. Thank you! You all work so hard and don’t get enough credit for it. I very much appreciate all of your kindness and great care. Also thank to the cooks and the real good food. I was amazed.

Julie White

Delta Health emergency department on heart condition

Rated 5 out of 5

I brought a friend of mine into the Emergency Room on 12/18/2017 with a severe heart condition.
The level of care and concern that he received from the staff and especially Dr. Michelle Gordon was like I have never seen at any other hospital!!
They went out of their way to be kind, compassionate, and fully explain the situation to him. He was in a very serious situation and was scared and stubborn.
Michelle Gordon was awesome in her diagnoses and making sure the right tests were run. Dr. Gordon talked to her patient with kindness, understanding, knowledge and patience.
She is an asset to your hospital!
I believe that my friend’s attitude towards hospitals has changed and I know that if he ever needs to go get checked out again, he will be comfortable going to Delta County Hospital.
Thank you to everyone involved that helped save my friends life that day. He got transported to GJ St Marys Hospital and went into heart surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.
Without the kindness he felt at your hospital I believe he would have tried to walk out and go home, where he most likely would have died.
The Emergency Room Staff went above and beyond.

Kelly Kuboske

Delta Health CNA, RN and RTs

Rated 5 out of 5

This is just an informal note to reemphasize how truly exemplary the treatment was at the hands of every staff member I encountered. I came in nearly unable to breathe, and every effort was made to relieve my distress immediately. The CNA in the ER, Vera, took my blood beautifully, James the nurse assigned to my care was so professional and adept at every treatment that I was astounded by the nearly non-painful insertion of my IV. Dr. Henwood is so professional and thorough, and gave me confidence that he was making all the right decisions for my care. I’m not sure I can remember all the staff who attended me, but I will do my best. The RTs, one was a new hire, were so concerned and their bedside manner was so soothing, which is so important when you can’t get air. The Triage nurse was just lovely, the clerk in the ER was very pleasant and showed great compassion. Miss Heidi, I have known for 10 years and when I found out that she was my CNA I was doubly blessed because she is professional but so tenderhearted that you know she truly cares about you. The name of my nurse that shift I think was Sherry, I’m still on steroids and Albuterol so my memory is a little shaky, but she was delightful and so professional. Marsha took over my RT care on the night shift; what a delight, and again, totally professional. Elizabeth was my NOC nurse and was just lovely, never came in without a gently smile and gave me excellent care. The lovely CNA, can’t remember her name, was so professional and so gentle, I bruise so easily and she facilitated taking my BP without hurting me, bless her. My day nurse today, Rhonda, I have known for many years, and when she takes care of anyone in my family, I thank God! She is the epitome of good nursing practices. I’m an old RN, and know whereof I speak. She is so thorough and so gentle in her care. Nothing is left out for expediency, she always does an entire head to toe assessment regardless of how busy she is. I know because she has taken care of my Dad, my Mama, and me. No variation in excellence. And, No, Rhonda, I don’t have mental aberrations, I know good care when I see it. Bob the RT was timely and so pleasant and accommodating. Paula, my CNA, is a friend in my personal life also, but that aside, totally professional and tenderhearted. All staff managed time amazingly even with so many discharges and intakes. I am absolutely astounded and will undoubtedly recommend Delta Health to anyone in need.
I truly hope this letter can lift up any one of these staff people in any way, because I do know that complimentary statements are few and far between in healthcare settings. You have a team that is to be highly commended.
I hope I never have the opportunity to experience first hand your good treatment, but if I do, I know I will be well cared for.

Cynthia Tingler

Delta Health surgical personnel and department

Rated 5 out of 5

Letter Addressed to Jody Roeber, Chief Clinical Officer:
All too often we find ourselves highly critical of those that work in the field of medicine. It is with this in mind, that I wanted to send a note of thanks to Delta Health.
My husband, Alvin English, had a bilateral knee replacement on December 6, 2016. The pre-surgical nursing staff was amazing! Once the surgery was performed, Alvin was sent up to the second floor (Med-Surg) for his three-day stay. Jessica, Corin, Linda, David and Lorin took such great care of him. They were first and foremost compassionate, caring, and totally professional at all times. They made the difference in an ordinary hospital stay, and one that we will never forget! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the PT (Physical Therapy) department. Both Minette and Melanie were phenomenal! They really cared!
There were many others that helped with his care that I would like to thank as well, (sorry I didn’t catch all the names). To sum it all up, these ladies and (David) made the difference!
I will recommend Delta hospital and your wonderful staff to any and every one!

Sue (Leslie) English

Delta Health emergency department regarding chest pains

Rated 5 out of 5

I went to your ER around 8 PM March 2 with chest pains. I wish to thank the personnel there for their efficient service and excellent care. The Dr., nurses, lab techs., x-ray personnel were all very good. I appreciate their caring attitude and efficiency. I sorry I do not remember any names but Nurse Elizabeth. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to each of those on duty at that time.
I was transferred to the hospital around 10 PM. Dr. Call talked with me prior to me going to a room. The Nurse and Nurse’s Aid who cared for me in in room 269 that night were excellent as was the lab tech.. The day shift, March 3 was equally as good. Dr. Call thought it best if I were transferred to St. Mary’s cardiac unit. All of the arrangements were rapidly made and the Nurse even gave me the name of my nurse in St. Mary’s. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to both the night and day shift that cared for me. this includes Dr. Call, Nurses, Nurses Assistants, Housekeeping and other support people. All made a scary time for me, very bearable.

Billy H. Hardman

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